Interesting Facts about Lima that Nobody Would Tell You

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Lima is a beautiful Spanish city, the largest capital city in Peru. Straddled right at the heart of Chillon valley, Rimac and Lurin River Lima is an urban metropolis defined by tall buildings, surfing beaches, historic sites, and plenty of top-notch tourist attractions.

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Here are some amazing facts about Lima you may have never heard before:

  • Lima along with the Callao seaport is a thriving metropolis that forms the Lima Metropolitan Area. It is the seventh-largest populated metropolis in the United States.
  • It got its name Lima from the native Peruvians –Limaq which means a talker or speaker according to the coastal Quechua dialect. However according to modern scholars Non-Peruvian speakers Limaq may mean lime or citrus fruit.
  • Limaq was originally founded in the year 1535 as the City of Kings, however, Lima was more popular and came into use.
  • The city is home to the National University of San Marcos which is one of the oldest learning institutions in the new world. It dates back from the Spanish colonial era, founded in May 1551, and is one of the continuously functioning institutes even today.
  • Lima has been nicknamed as the beat city owing to its significant role in commerce, finance, politics, finance, culture, and geostrategic role in the Americas.
  • Limaq experiences a subtropical type of climate where it experiences summer from December up to April while winter from June to October. Summers are quite hot and warm while winter is cold and dry.
  • Some of the most popular attractions in Limaq are Plaza De Armas De Lima, Larco Museum, Park of the Reserve, Historic Centre of Lima, Government Palace of Peru, etc.

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